Monday, July 27, 2009

Lincraft 50% off fabrics

I went to Lincraft in Belrose last week and got a quite few cotton muslin fabrics and a couple of silks. I was so happy that I could buy them with 50% off. They will have 50% off sale 3times a year they said. :-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shibori Dye Workshop (Tie Dye)

This is one of my favourites. using plastic pegs. I just love the effects-shapes and gradation colour... and sooooo easy.

I loved this scarf my teacher made. simple and modern oriental. Even though you use the black dye, you can get the rusty brown colour here and there which I feel wonderful!

using 2 rubber bands to tie twice and make interesting patterns. I feel those patterns are pretty much oriental taste.

One of my favourite skills, the flat buttons inside and tied with rubberbands. I used the marbles but I prefer the flat buttons because they make clearer circle patterns.
If you leave the buttons with it untill it's completely dry, it will make 3D effects. But I don't like to use this for my scarf somehow.... i don't know... I like smooth scarf than bumpy ones.

There you go, putting in the black dye pot.

This is one of my favourite skilles.
I used string to tie my wool scarf around a plasti ctube.

I used the dye on 3 kinds of fabrics. All of them were very white.
1. silk
2. nuno felt (cotton + wool)
3. wool

Because the dye we used that day was only for the protein base fabrics, so I cannot dye on the cotton. However, when I dye one the cotton + wool fabric, the very interesting result came up.

Here are 3 kinds of techniques I used on my coaster.
1. using pegs.
2. using rubberbands.
3. using strings.

My favourite one is pegs, so easy and almost you won't make mistakes.
The hardest one is the one with strings, as you see it's not so clear ... this suposed to be shape of heart ..