Saturday, February 26, 2011

Giant Bubbles on the Beach

via Make: Online by Gareth Branwyn on 24/02/11

In a follow-up to my recent post about Charlie Visnic’s B-Roll blog, and his recent attempts at making rigs for generating ginormous bubbles, here’s a video he posted of bubbles on Stinson beach. So gorgeous and lyrical, and something to long for as we’re teased by an imminent spring.
Giant Stinson Beach Bubbles

Friday, February 25, 2011

The felted sprout coaster with a mug.

When you have your morning coffee or will be like this. I actually love the long sprout. It can have a nice curvy stork. oh by the way, the wire is inside the sprout so that you can change its shape.

the felted spout coaster on the wall.

it's not the best way to hung on the wall but you will get the idea, don't you ? These hooks are actually for kitchen towels in my kitchen.

Experiments on felted sprout coaster.

I made the left one yesterday. I came up an idea of making a hole so that it can be hung on the hook at the same time it will be a shining sun! Mike my husband suggested to use the bright yellow threads instead of soft yellow (middle one) so I changed it and make a sprout longer so that it can be more obvious when it's hung (right one).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just finished a felted sprouts coaster.

I have so many ideas to make a felting products. This is one of them. A little sprout's growing in the corner of the simple white coaster. My husband said as usual "weird" instead of saying "cute!". I will make more of this tomorrow. I'm so glad that I could make one tonight.

Putting a tag on the Egg coasters.

I love doing the last process of the production - Tags. Feeling of accomplishment.... wonderful feelings. ;-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Productive Day for Felting.

Yes, I'm making the egg white now. You can see the pre-felt stage of fried egg coasters in the back. Well it's a humid hot day today but surprisingly so pleasure to do felting. I can't tell how much I'm enjoying doing felting. Another wonderful productive day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's been a while since I blogged last time...

It was a hard summer holiday for me, Mike my husband and our dog Henry.
You wouldn't believe until actually it happened. Sitting on a dog park bench right now and writing this with my iPad Henry is beside me, I think back what we've been through....
Mike got an appendicitis on our holiday, I had to take him in ER in a town he got surgery straight away. Mike ended up staying hospital for 10 days after that because he got blood infections caused by appendicitis. Henry and I had to survive the hot weather there (38C/100F) I stayed motel for a while then visited Mike early in the morning and after sunset because I couldn't leave Henry in a boiling hot car. Henry and I driving around the town to find nice dog park to spend our time but it's too hot get out of air-conditioned car. I finally decided to go back to Sydney to leave Henry to his breeder to look after him then come back to the town again. 5 hrs driving each way.
After Mike and I came back to Sydney, again, he got in hospital because abscess in his tummy gave him fever and ill feeling. Another 2wks he was in hospital. Henry remained with his breeder for 4wks altogether.
Today I feel normal at last. Mike lost 20kg nice and slim ;-) and started teaching again, Henry is with us, I'm mentally ok that I can write my blog.
oh by the way aren't the gorgeous trees? can you see Henry in left corner?