Sunday, November 21, 2010

A beautiful day.

Warm sun & Cool breeze. Came to the oval with a dog and husband lying down on the bench with an umbrella over me. Looking at people playing cricket I've never understood. A perfect Sunday afternoon.

Let's try Ustream broadcast

I've known Ustream for a while but I haven't had a closer look and thought "what for?". Yes, it's like Twitter. 

Now I found a reason to do Ustream. Sometimes I don't have enough motivation to start felting or crafting particularly after you stayed in hospital. Even though NO BODY is watching what you are doing in ustream but broadcasting what I am doing will give me a good motivation and remind me to enjoy doing it. Please come to see me if you need a company while you are doing your crafts.

Friday, November 19, 2010

OK Go's stop-motion on toast

A beautiful animation.

via MAKE Magazine by Laura Cochrane on 9/11/10

OK Go's latest video, "Last Leaf," employs pieces of toast as the canvas for a laser-etched, illustrated stop-motion music video. After watching the multitude of different shapes, textures, and shades of toast pass before my eyes (15 pieces of toast per second), it begins to remind me of watching an old reel-to-reel film in elementary school, with the rough texture of the toast and surrounding crumbs mimicking those telltale visual artifacts.

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