Thursday, March 17, 2011

No worry, I'm with you.

I drew this while waiting to see my specialist at hospital this afternoon, of course it's drawn with iPad and Sketch App, I really enjoyed killing time drawing it. I should do it more!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One can do a little but....

I dug out one of my old paintings to just comfort my soul by looking at, remind myself "Yes, everything will be alright. " 

iPad2 Teardown

It's good to know I don't need to buy iPad 2.

via Make: Online by Adam Flaherty on 14/03/11

The folks over at iFixit did a number on the latest from Apple. Giving the iPad2 a repairability score of just 4/10, highlights on this teardown include a switch from clips to heavy use of adhesive and a crappy rear-facing camera. On the upside, Apple chose to stick with standard phillips screws rather the pentalobular screws introduced recently.

Make a large display from a bunch of small ones


via Make: Online by Matt Mets on 14/03/11

Rick Borovoy of MIT Media Lab’s Civic Media Project developed the Junkyard Jumbotron, which makes it easy to turn a bunch of small computer displays into one big one. Setting it up is as simple as opening a web browser on each device, loading their website, and taking a photo of the arrangement. After that, their software figures out which screen is where, and starts streaming data to each device’s screen directly over the web. [via boingboing]

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Needed to breathe fresh air after this....

I kept watching the Japanese TV news (by ustream) about the catastrophe of earthquake, it became a kind of obsession. I just cannot stop watching it and got to the point I really need a break from it otherwise it will be too depressing.
Well, Mike and I decided to drive down to the City this afternoon and walk around the shops. We cannot miss our favourite spot - Kinokuniya book shop.
I always feel like a tourist when I wonder around the middle of the city that feeling is rather nice particulary when you need to get something out of your mind for a while.
I don't know how long it took for him to paint these paintings with chalks/pastels, these amazing works on the floor made me feel refreshing.
After browsing some Japanese books and magazines, I started reading Shuan Tan's picture books. I completely forgot about his books that I own one of them. Fantastic pencil drawings and beautiful stories. I just love them. I sat in a pool of sunlight and felt relaxed, just enjoying holding a beautiful book and look at it.
Mike phoned me asking for having a tea at the cafe attched the book shop, he just came back from China town I don't know why he wanted to walk around the China town but I'd rather stay at the book shop and read. I had my favourite tea - Earl Grey, Mike had a Russian Caravan (I'd rather call it "Russian Caravaggio "). I started feeling better at this moment. No more news about the earthquakes what I thinking about is books, pencil drawings and postcards.
On the way back home walking back to our car we saw an aboriginal artist painting her art work... I've never seen them doing on the street. How wonderful is that they're sharing the proess of their art works on the street. It would be awful if so many cars around but it was quiet.
I took all my photos with my iPhone. I haven't spent time to take photos for a while, so I really enjoyed taking photo here and there like a typical Japanese tourist (Have you ever seen a single Japanee tourist without a camera? ). I might pick it up again and start doing the snapshots more.
We came home and took a dog to the park, I took a photo of sunset then noticed the shape of profile it's actually thetraffic lights.

Polar bears get the better of spy cameras

I can't wait the DVD will come up of this! Looks great, isn't it?

Real Life “Up” House Lifted by Balloons

via Make: Online by Becky Stern on 11/03/11

It took this crew the short span of two weeks to “fly the house” in this National Geographic project to create a real life version of the house in Pixar’s Up– lifted into the sky by balloons. “The real Up! Scientists recreate floating house from Pixar movie… and prove it really CAN fly” at dailymail:
The team from National Geographic have built a house inspired by the Pixar movie Up! that can really fly.
Using 300 helium-filled weather balloons, a team of scientists, engineers, two balloon pilots and dozens of volunteers, they managed to get the small house 10,000 feet into the air.
Of course it was not a real house, but a custom-built light weight one.
Executive producer Ben Bowie said: ‘We found that it is actually close to impossible to fly a real house.’
Producer Ian White added: ‘But what we can do is kind of fly a light-weight house and fly it safely with people on board.’

[via designboom]

Saturday, March 12, 2011

BBC E-mail: The tsunami disaster explained

My families and friends in Japan are fine.

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream
I kept watching the Japanese news about the huge earthquakes ... couldn't seep well kept praying.
So far my families, reltives and all friends are fine even though some of them are having difficulties.

Friday, March 11, 2011

"You are so precious to me. "

Here's my new product inspired by encountering old friend whom I haven't seen for more than 15 years. Aren't old friends always bring back such sweet memories and feelings to us that you almost forgot about? Dear my old friends, you are so precious to me.

The felted blue eggs stay in the dark brown wool nest in a match box with a printed message.

Very productive day.

I don't know about you but I love doing a few projects at a time. I get easily bored if I have to do only one thing to get done for long time. My productivity definitely increases if I enjoy myself that leads doing a few projects for a day. Doing a little of each project sometimes will give you a surprising reward because suddenly a few projects will be finished at a time. Hurray! Well, today is not that kind of amazing day but at least I've finished a quite few ReadingMate. Lovely.

Yes, it's all done I feel better now!

Well, I need to finish them today.

I've piled up those pre-felt egg coasters in my kitchen sink and looked at them every day "yap, I will do them..." then a few days passed, a week... a few weeks.... I started feeling they looked at me and asking "are you going to do today?" it's a bit paranoid. Well, today is the day I have to be strong and make them into a beautiful coaster TODAY!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recreating a 19th century Japanese Tsuba


via Make: Online by Gareth Branwyn on 7/03/11

One of our readers, Jimy Soprano, sent us the links to this incredibly inspiring short documentary of classical Japanese metal artist Ford Hallam recreating a lost masterpiece by the 19th century Mito tsuba artist Hagia Katsuhira. Years ago, I went off on a Samurai sword/Iaidō kick and obsessed over every detail of Japanese sword construction, maintenance, and the “moving Zen” of the Iaidō form. This video touched that obsession again.
The “tsuba” is the decorative sword guard, and like every other piece of a samurai sword, it’s work of art in and of itself. This video documents Ford Hallam being commissioned to create a tsuba for a Katana (long) sword to match an existing tsuba created by Hagia Katsuhira for a wakazashi (short sword). The painstaking, precise nature of the work is rather dizzying. [Thanks, Jimy!]
More about Ford Hallam can be found on his blog Postcards from the Path

Friday, March 4, 2011

love lying down this way.

My lovely cat Hunter's comfortably lying down the art school floor. I think Hunter needs to go on diet and slim down a bit.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finished attaching white balls on 23 ReadingMates

Yes, I have stiff shoulders now. Making felted balls itself is hard work. then sawing them onto the body of ReadingMate(felted bookmark). I make the pupils tomorrow.

Felted balls.

These balls will used for an eye ball and a jewellery.

I been fed by dear my friends!


Sometimes i'm overwealmed by the love gesture from my friends. When I met one of my friends to get a small stuff then she gave me a lunch, The Japanese lunch she made earlier! I nearly cried......  The petite tomatos are from her garden...

The tea in the photo is from another friend. A beautiful Jasmin tea.
I felt loved and being well fed. Thank you dear my friends!