Friday, February 26, 2010

ReadingMates are ready to sell

Don't you love the bright colours? Some will go to the shop, some will be delivered to a customer and some will be stand-by to be purchased.

Life In Style - Gift Trade Show

Life In Style - Gift Trade Show
I went to the Life in style trade show. It was my first time to visit and look around. It was not so crowded so pleasant to walk around. A few products caught my attention.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pupil pupil!

let's start putting a pupil in.

These are the ones needed for setting a pupil on an eyeball.
I would shave the extra fluff with a lint remover, then using black merino wool tops for needle felting.

putting a pupil

Always exciting to see a cute eye completing.

One set of eyeballs with a pupil completed

One set of eyes nearly ready.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

22 eyeballls are done!

using a container for fulling
When I do fulling eyeballs I use container with lid and shake it for a several minutes. It works!

Before and After wet felting - eyeballs
I did wet felting 22 eyeballs first (left) they are slightly smaller than the ones which haven't been done yet (right).
I let them dry over night before I put a black pupil on it.

Finished putting on tags.

Tags on now
A little by little, My readingMates will be ready to go on the shop. Now I finished putting tags on.

My very first spindle experiences

My very first spindle experience
Yes, it's farm from the perfect (yet). But doesn't matter, it's so interesting! Hand spinning will teach you a lot about the fibre. When I am spinning time seems flies faster. Bless.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting there...

Getting there... More eyeballs
I have actually enjoyed making them NOT chore at all! I used the clear case came with a mobile speaker I bought yesterday for storing my lovely eyeballs :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yes, started making eyeballs

Eyeballs making
Mike and I are staying in the art school today and I will do eye ball making. This is the first process-make the perfect (almost) shaped eyeballs by needle felting before wet felting. I keep the sample (above right) and all the eyeballs should be the same size and hardness. I use the very fine needles (from Japan), I made a set of three needles together with the blu tack, so I can make these needles stay close enough to fit in the surface of a small ball.

Eyeball before @ after
These are the sample of before the wet felting and after wet felting. I keep these samples for the quality control sake (ha!). I use the merino wool fleece.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My "Crocodile"

My favourite gadget "Crop-a-dile"
This is one of my favourite gadgets "Croc-A-Dile" which sets eyelets beautifully. I assume the most of people use it for the scrapbooking. I rather call it "Crocodile" because this is called "Big bite" version which can reach even 6 inch inside.
I love my "crocodile". My ReadingMate wouldn't be a proper a book mark without it. So, I decided to make eyelets done before bloody eyeballs making.

Colourful ReadingMates!

Colorful ReadingMates are on the way!
What a productive day! it's raining and rather cool today I loooooooove it! Unfortunately some places in Australia have floods and damages by storm My heart goes out for all those people who have been suffered by that. However this stormy cool weather helps me doing productive works.
Look at the photo, Aren't they gorgeous? ReadingMate is one of my best-selling items and so many people are waiting for the colourful ones. Australian looooves bright colours unlike the most of Japanese (they love pastel-ish colour better) .
Now question is how fast I can make eyeballs for them, hey? I don't think many people understand that it's hard work to make those eyeballs! They are NOT just balls, they ARE eyeballs.... very very important! I make each eyeball very carefully. Don't they say "eyes speak louder than words"?
Anyway, I talk too much "Go on! JUST make eyeballs RIGHT NOW, Ako! "

Tomato process

Tomato experiment
I am trying to make tomato coasters now. Lots of experiments have been done. Yeah I know some look like a salami ... I need to think about the simple process as well if it takes more time that means I need to increase its price which I don't intend to do.
The experiments will continue.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I need to drink lots of lots of water here in stinky hot summer!

Don't I hate February in Sydney? I can't wait for winter coming! Come right now! with tones of snow (it's highly unlikely)!!!!!!

You might think it's beautiful but it's NOT! just humid & humid!

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Studying how to use a spindle.

In the latest "Yarn magazine" has an article about the spindle! I haven't seriously used my new spindle yet. A little nervouse. Need to watch more Youtube as well.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

I got my very first Spindle!

The Spindle has arrived today! I will make my own yarn to crochet or knit. Let's see how it goes...

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