Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wine glass coasters

I made these hand felted wine glass coasters as a gift for our friend. He will leave our congregation to attend to the MTS. He always bring a bottle of wine and two wine glasses to the BYO evening gathering. So I made a coaster with his initial on it and the other one with "NR's best friend". Hope he likes them.

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That’s right – I said “Towel Animals!”

I need more towels!

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AbouT BeautifuL ObjectS

I wonder what kind of machine is Stephany using to make on her bed?

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a shrimp out of a bendy straw

I will buy a bunch of bendy straws today and make it! How wonderful is that!
For its tutorial go to:

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In my photographic college days (a couple of decades ago) there is no such thing "laptop computer". I believe the darkroom works would be so fun now with all these gadgets.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

If u eat a lot, come out a lot too.

He has kept eating my pink leaves. I'm cheking him every day and he is growing. Hope I can supply enough pink leaves...

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My working spaces

Well, I will show you my working spaces in our flat.

Be aware! I haven't tidy up for taking photos.

This is a card playing table. I have 5 of them only $25 for each. I use 3 of them for the markets. 2 of them stay our living room. But I use just one table for daily tasks then use two tables together when I felt a big sheet.

On the table I put my netbook and coffee.
Because it stays close to the kitchen and the entrance, I often put my groceries temporarily. The eggs are real ones.
I TRY not to untidy on the desk it would be crowded easily because it's so small.

This is our coffee table which has never been used for a coffee table. I used it for "drying space" or "finished now packing" space. The digital photo frame shows our lovely trip to UK and Paris. In bloody hot days it will give me a cold snow day dream (bless!)
Can you see me in London in the frame?

Living cost in Sydney is veeeeeery expense, we cannot afford to move to a bigger place at the moment. So i have to use this one bed room unit cleverly to turn into my working place.
I'm lucky because I can use mike's art studio for my felting once in a while.

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Make: aKNITomy

I don't think I am going to knit this however I cannot turn my eyes away from something to do with a brain, isn't that right, Monsieur Brain?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The woolly mystery known as the sheep pig - Yahoo! News

Personally, I don't like the idea. My gut feeling said "this is WRONG!". I love a sheep and I love a pig. However I don't like a sheep pig. I cannot explain why at this very moment I need time to think about it. What do you guys think of it?

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Make an iPad stand from its own packaging

If I get one I will make the stand like this!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Young peecock

I went to suburb called Auburn (30 min drive to west from the centre of Sydney) for ministry with my friends. We had our lunch at the park where the peecocks are hunging around. They are still young and we can see their down on the back yet. I love this country that gives us such a pleasure to see beautiful nature and creatures in a suburb. The peecocks are so friendly and never afraid of humans that tells you that they are well looked after by neighbours.
Aren't the gorgeous?

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Why do i have so many creatures on my blog page?

My blog is titled "felting journal" but if you look at my blog page, there are full of creatures there including my posts. Do you wonder why?
I will tell you even though you don't wonder.
When I do felting the thoughts of God's creations are always on my mind. To me, felting and creatures are two sides of the same coin somehow. Touch of the nice and soft merino wool reminds me a cute lamb and I really do appreciate the fine wool. My dream is having my sheep farm and use my own wool to felt.
Oh by the way, I love the technologies as well.
Where do your creative thoughts come from?

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Burrard-Lucas Blog Wildlife Photography

If you have one of those beetlecams what do you do with it?
For me? I will follow Hunter (my black cat) wherever he goes.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The roots came out!

Do you remember I started my experiments of the plants 9days ago. Now their roots has come out. I'm so thrilled about it.

However I got a bloody catapiller again! But I let it stay because the leaves are not edible to human and the leaves amazingly grow quickly so I will watch my catapiller's growth as well.

Growing is good thing.

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Monday, April 19, 2010


Now I know it is NOT that easy....

I want *Winscape*. Awesome!

How cool are they?
I can pretend that I live in a house just next to the Opera house, can't I?

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For Yanni

This blog is for you, Yanni.
Thank you so much to have me on Saturday. It was pleasent surprise that you contacted me to interview me on my felting. Hope it was helpful for your college project. I had a great time with you. I kept looking at your handmade card- it is lovely.
My friends and I enjoyed your cupcakes... Sooooo delicious! I thank you for that too.

We will keep in touch.
Lots of love,
Ako xxxxx

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Location:Rawson St,Mosman,Australia

Sunday, April 18, 2010

At the park

Cool breeze, yes i feel Autumn in the air here in Sydney, Finally. Because Mike is on his 3days driving holiday up to the steam train festival in Mateland. I do Dog business - feed him, water him, pick up his stuff and take him to the park. Well I don't mind to do it if it's no too hot. So I'm sitting on the park bench and writing this now. I wonder what are you guys doing now?

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Location:Alexander Ave,Mosman,Australia

Monsieur Brain

My favourie "Brain cactus" has now turned into "Monsieur Brain". Having a tea party with Monsieur Brain would be fun because of his deep crazy thought provoking conversations. Don't say he is just dozing. Zzzz

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Classic cat and dog.

While I am doing my felting they have their cat and dog conversations (or secret thoughts).

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My enemies.

I know they are in a way cute but they've eaten my basils and I finally got them. Sorry you guys gotta go.

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Location:Kiora Ave,Mosman,Australia

Brown scarf

I have made the brown color scarf by nuno felting method. Used silk chiffon and merino wool tops and blue yarn.
I will open a shop at Glebe market Saturday next week so I need to make a lot of stocks for each item.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crochet, coffee and Bulldogs.

After lunch before making nuno felt scarves, I did a little crochet having a takeaway coffee and watching those gorgeous bulldogs on ustream. You can have look at them from my blog (left hand side link).

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Brain cactus!

I had to have it when I saw it in the nursery. Most of my friends said it's creepy but I adore it so much! All plants and animals (yes, God's creations) are my inspiration to creat things. Hope you like it as I do. By the way "brain cactus" is its Nick name they made there is a proper name I will never remember.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Standing Cat is watching You!

I wish Hunter could stand like this cool cat.

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Growing radish sprouts in old manga

I love the idea of growing plants using old magazines. Please read the original article from MAKE. I might try this!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let them grow.

I'm trying to do some experiments which is let each leave have roots i'm not sure they will die or survive .. my little friend wombat will keep eye on them.

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Celory bonsai

This is my another experiment.

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The Leaves hardly die.

I picked up the pretty leaves at side of the street during my ministry yesterday. I felt like I met my old friend because I used to live in a house with a bunch of the leaves in its garden.
The leaves are very tough. You can say it's as tough as weeds, I think it might be a kind of weeds, really.
It got week and faded by the time I got home but I knew it won't die so easily. I put it in a water like this and here they are nice and frresh as I expected. I will do some experiments with this!
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‘Ginkgo’ by Lara Cameron : I love her dog.

A video which is beautifully made, it won't be great without her dog.

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G'morning Sydney! It'll be another sunny day.

Hope it won't be so hot today. It'll be cooler from tomorrow. We want Winter!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

iPhone 4.0 OS Adds Multitasking and More

A great news for the iPhone users, I am so thrilled to know that iPhone will have multitasking system with the OS 4!

Watch The Keynote Video

Coffee break now.

My Brazilian friend Polyanna made me a lemon cake again. Thank you!

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These little babies make me happy, don't they, Miss Eyeball?

One of the time consuming and rewarding jobs.

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Oh no, running out of yarn!

How theraputic the crochet is, who doesn't like doing it? Well, I started making the neckwarmer from the Crochet magazine without thinking how much of yarn I need for it then it happened when I came this far (a third). Oh well, here is another unfinished project. I tens to do different projects at a time because I get bored when I do one thing for a while and often I came up a new idea and I cannot stop myself starting it. I used to read several novels at a tme. That's me I cannot help it. I bet there are a quite few people like me out there. Are you one of us?

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Green leaves scarf

They might look like a tie.

When wrap it around your neck it will give you a couple of leaves. Arn't they lovely?

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I'm making this now.

For the coming cooler season I started making the light nuno felt scarves. Lovely "MIDORI" Green!

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Black cat

I bought this at vinnie's for a couple of dollars because I found Hunter there.

Hunter loves sitting on my red jumper.

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